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  • Per Eisenman, MS, PLC, LCMHC, CLMA

    We each make sense of the world in our own unique way in the context of the people around us. Through conversations with ourselves and with important people in our lives, we create stories and develop our sense of self. We also carry internal voices from past experiences. When difficulties arise, we can address them through reflective conversations with others. Through dialogue, listening deeply to one another, and ensuring all voices are heard, new ideas can emerge. We can find new ways forward that weren’t previously possible.
    In my therapeutic practice, I collaborate with individuals, families, and groups to increase communication, connection, and a sense of belonging. My approach involves systemic family therapy, eco-therapy, and mindfulness, and I work in an experiential, body-based manner.
    I am experienced with Open Dialogue, collaborative and dialogic practice, and group therapies, including role-playing game therapy. I am certified in Laban/Bartinief Movement Analysis (CLMA) and bring a somatic perspective to my practice.  I work with individuals, families, and groups to create safe spaces where healing can occur.

    Contact me at: (802) 349-4780 [email protected]