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  • Denise Daly, LICSW (Founding member)

    Please feel free to reach out if you wish to schedule an appointment at: [email protected]

    I am a licensed independent clinical social worker who has been working in the human service field for 25 years. I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Vermont College of Social Work. I am a long time Hinesburg resident, moving here 45 years ago with my family. I am excited to be offering therapeutic services in my hometown and surrounding communities.   When I am not working I enjoy spending time at horse shows with my family, or on our small farm where we avidly garden and raise a small herd of organic beef cattle.

    I use several therapeutic approaches when working with my clients. Depending on your unique situation we talk about your goals and collaborate together about the best way forward. I consider my work to be humanistic with a strong influence of dialogic and reflective approaches.  I use evidence based practices when working with my clients that are effective yet approachable.

    My core value when working with my clients is the power of conversation or dialogue between people to create a sense of ‘with-ness” versus “about-ness”. I strive to listen deeply and reflect on the words people are using, and not my interpretation of what I think they are saying. This process allows new narratives and ideas to emerge about the presenting issues at hand.

    As a therapist I believe in the philosophy of  dropping  the “clinical” or “expert” gaze that pathologizes people’s experiences. We all respond to our world uniquely based on our own life’s journey.  We can learn about the thoughts that cause us to behave or respond in certain ways. Sometimes, the things that helped us get through earlier experiences get in the way of our goals in the here and now.  Through therapeutic engagement people can learn about themselves and work on understanding their thoughts, emotions, and responses in a nonjudgmental compassionate way.

    I am looking forward to working with the amazing group of clinicians at Hinesburg Counseling Collaborative to support this amazing community and surrounding areas.