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    Rosie Klinedinst, MS (Klinedinst Therapy, LLC)

    Hello there! My name is Rosie (she/her; trans woman).  I believe in the power of counseling- I myself have experienced healing through empathy and connection. I wish to create a safe therapeutic space for people of every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual identity and citizenship status. I have particular familiarity with queer and polyamorous identities as well as trauma informed care.

    Healing begins when given safety to be your true self.  I believe that unconditional positive regard, non-judgement and empathy help create a space for healing. You are the expert on you- You’ve lived your entire life with you. Together, we will explore your wants and needs to empower you to grow into your best self.

    I am a non-licensed and non-certified psychotherapist working towards licensure. My supervisor is Nicole Grubman, LCMHC. Feel free to reach out to inquire about working together-  [email protected]